Communicating Values Versus Vision

One of the biggest mistakes of the leader is the inability to correctly communicate vision and values.

Speak Vision. 

Talk about where you are going and how you are going to get there. Our words should drip with vision. All stories, celebration, and statistics should move us towards that vision, keeping it at the fore-front of follower’s minds, and resting heavily on their hearts. Whatever your vision is, one thing is clear. 

You talk about it.

On the other hand you live out values. Effective leaders only speak of values after they are lived out. Give them a name after their existence is set in motion like naming a new born.

You talk about vision, but you live out values.

Don’t tell me you’re an artistic community
Don’t tell me you’re cutting egdge
Don’t tell me you’re innovative
Don’t tell me you’re a movement
Don’t tell me you’re different

If you’re artistic, people will see it. If you’re cutting edge, people will feel it. If you’re a movement, people will take notice everywhere they turn, and if you are different people will be intrigued to the point of asking questions.

Those that have to say what they are, often end up being everything but what they actually say.

It’s their vision for where they wish to be. It is the mistake of confusing what you are with what you want to become, and communicating it to all listeners and followers.

Unfortunately all followers or potential followers are smarter than this, they can quickly decipher what you are and what you are not. Or at least you better hope. Otherwise you are just leading a bunch of naive, incompetent, followers.

Speak vision, live out values. Know how to communicate each as you move forward with strategy, values, and vision.

Lead on!