In tandem with Gravity Leadership, a significant part of Dan's ministry is coaching other leaders from around the country. Through weekly connection points and annual visits, Dan takes serious joy in walking alongside and serving leaders who long for spiritual breakthrough with God and are in the process of discerning how God is working both within them and through them. Through gravity leaders, Dan is often taking leaders through a 10-month coaching and training intensive for for those who want to bring lasting transformation to their community culture and their inner life. The 10 month cohort is shaped around the following:

The gap in our discipleship

Christian leaders ask us all the time: How can we bridge the gap between what we KNOW and what we DO so we can see real transformation?

Leaders typically try to bridge this gap in three ways:

  1. Some adopt a “try harder” approach, appealing to the will to fix what’s wrong. They think they can bridge the gap with behavior modification.
  2. Some adopt a “get smarter” approach, appealing to the intellect. They think they can bridge the gap with better teaching.
  3. Some adopt a “get zapped!” approach, appealing to the emotions. They think they can bridge the gap with a powerful, supernatural experience.

But here’s what we’ve noticed: these strategies may have short-term benefits, but long-term they do not produce mature, wise disciples of Jesus.

They don’t train us to trust Jesus. Instead they habituate us into moralism, emotivism, or a chasing after ecstatic experiences.

We are after transformation and reproduction, not simply smarter and better behaved Christians.

So how can we get there?

Beyond information and behavior

To get from WORDS to WORKS, we can’t go “straight across” with knowledge, obedience, or experience.

Instead, we need to recognize that something is at work beneath the surface at the level of our desires and motivations.

In other words, we need to go beyond WORDS and WORKS to find a way to access our WANTS, so they can be transformed.

Getting “below the surface” is what the whole Sermon on the Mount is about, and it’s VITAL if we’re going to be and make disciples in the way of Jesus.

Training that integrates words, works, and wants

Once we can access, name, and submit our WANTS to the transforming power of God, we can begin to integrate WORDS and WORKS into a holistic model of transformative discipleship that trains us to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples.

The result is that we learn to live and lead from the motivation of Jesus: love.

We’ve trained pastors and lay leaders all over the country in this process and seen fruit in their ministries.

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